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The volume corrector is mainly used to detect the temperature, pressure, flow and other signals of the gas online. It also performs automatic correction of the compression factor and automatic correction of the flow, and converts the volume of the working condition into the volume of the standard state.


1.When system module is in error, it will prompt the error content and start the corresponding mechanism.
2.Prompt/alarm/record and start corresponding mechanism under the attack of strong magnetic.
3.Multiple pressure interface, which can be matched with digital pressure sensor/pressure sensor;and temperature can be matched with PT100 or PT1000.
4.Self-diagnosis for the error of pressure and temperature sensor then display on LCD screen directly; after pressure or temperature sensor is in error, flow totalzier will correct pressure or temperature value according to the set value to protect data from damaged.
5.The functions of over limit display of operation flow, over limit display of using pressure and recording that are convenient for understanding the real use of media;
6.A set of lithium battery can be used continuously for more than 3 years, and has the output functions of low voltage of battery and valve closing to alarm, which is more suitable for supporting the use with IC card management system.
7.The function of time display and real-time data storage can ensure that the internal data will not be lost and can be saved permanently no matter what the situation.
8.Multiple output signals: 4-20mA current standard analog signal/ operation condition pulse signal/ IC card with standard volume signal and RS485 communication protocol; According to user requirements, GPRS network functions can be provided to realize low-cost, long-distance wireless data transmission in real time; reserved IOT interface functions can realize IOT functions.
9.Working mode can be switched automatically: battery-powered, two-wire system, three-wire system
10.Working Environment
2)Relative humidity:5%-95%;
3)Atmospheric pressure:50KPa-110KPa。
11. Range
1) Pressure:0-20Mpa
2) Temperature:-40-300℃
3) Flow rate:0-999999 m³/h
4) Input low frequency pulse:0.001Hz - 5Hz
4) Input high frequency pulse:0.3 Hz - 5000 Hz

Electrical performance index

2.1Working power

  1. External power supply: + 12 - 24VDC ± 15%, ripple < 5%, suitable for 4 - 20mA output, pulse output, alarm output, RS-485 communication output and so on.
  2. Internal power supply: A set of 3.6V lithium battery, when the voltage is lower than 3.0V, an undervoltage indication appears.

2.2 Power consumption of whole meter

A. External power:<2W;

B. Internal power: average power: ≤1mW, a set of lithium battery can be used continuously for more than 3 years, when meter in a sleep state, the power consumption: ≤0.3mW.

2.3 Pulse output mode

A. Operation condition pulse signal (FOUT): which directly detected by the flow sensor through optocoupler isolation amplify and output, high level: ≥20V, low level: ≤1V

B. Equivalent pulse signal (H/L): amplified output through optocoupler isolation technology, high level range: ≥20V,low level range: ≤1V. Unit pulse represents the standard volume range that can be set: 0.01 m³/0.1 m3m³/1m3m³/10m³;Upper and lower limit alarm signals (H/L):photoelectric isolation, high and low level alarm, working voltage :+ 12V - + 24V, maximum load current 50mA.

2.4 RS-485 communication (photoelectric isolation)

With RS-485 interface, it can be directly connected with the upper computer or instrument. It can remotely transmit the temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow, total standard volume and other instrument’s related parameters of the measured medium, fault code, operation status, battery capacity and other real-time data.

2.5 4-20mA current signal (photoelectric isolation)

Proportional to the standard volume flow, 4mA corresponds to 0m³/h, 20 mA corresponds to the maximum standard volume flow (the value can be set in the first-level menu), the system: two-wire system or three-wire system, the flow meter can automatically identify and output correctly according to the inserted current module.

2.6 Control signal output

A. IC card standard volume signal (IC_out): In the form of pulse signal string output, the pulse width is 50ms, 100ms, 500ms, the pulse amplitude is about 3V, the normal level can be set, the transmission distance:≤50m, each pulse represents: 0.01m³, 0.1m³, 1m³, 10m³, Suitable for use with IC card systems;

B. Battery voltage output (BC terminal, primary battery low voltage alarm): open collector output, amplitude: ≥2.8V, load resistance : ≥100kΩ;

C. Battery undervoltage alarm output (BL terminal, secondary battery low voltage alarm): open collector output, amplitude : ≥2.8V, load resistance: ≥100kΩ

Model series







96mm * 96mm,
Plastic housing


RS485;4-20mA current;Pulse

Two-way alarm


With square shell FA73-2,
Metal shell


RS485;4-20mA current;Pulse

Two-way alarm


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